TOFI -Provide full range of BALLUFF (Germany) products application consulting and sales

Industrial networks and connections

Sensor, system, bus technology: offer all round intelligent network connection

Industry control

Achieve the best production process: system automatic control, the optimal process of data arrangement.

Object identification

One-stop-shop provides comprehensive system capabilities: solutions that meet the needs of users in all areas of automation

Displacement and distance measurement

Variety of technologies used for drive control, machine monitoring, or motion process control.

  1. Inductive distance sensor
  2. Micro-pulse displacement sensor
  3. Magnetic sensing displacement sensor
  4. Inductiveposition system
  5. Magnetic displacement and Angle measurement system
  6. Photoelectric distance sensor 
  7. Tilt sensor

liquid sensors

The best process support solution in the field of pressure and material level sensing system.

     1. Machinical  accessories 

     2. Electrical accessorie

TOFI - provides Micelect (Spain) weighing sensor application consulting, sales services

ILC-CAN wire rope sensor

ILC-CAN intelligent wire rope sensor

ILC2 intelligent wire rope sensor

ILC2 intelligent wire rope sensor

ILC3 universal wire rope sensor

LMC universal wire rope sensor

HPS Individual (wire rope/strip) sensor

Steel beam

VG steel beam sensor


CCP2000、CCP4000 Motor base frame sensor

Control unit

LM3D universal control unit

MWR-4 is the control unit use with WR sensor

Platform indicator light


Precision tool for precise balance of elevator wire rope tension-wire rope tension system.

RTS wire rope tension system